This year 6th grade Language Arts read The Westing Game. The Westing Game is a cozy mystery about finding a murder. In The Westing Game there is a girl named Turtle who invests in stocks, so we invested in stocks (with fake money) too! I only chose the stocks of big companies I knew about but, if we did this again I would do more research.  Here is what I gained and lost: 

As you can see, I started with 20,000 dollars, and I ended with  -3061.5 dollars!  All and all, I really enjoyed learning about investing. 

My Ted Like Talk

My Ted Talk 

This year in Language Arts, everyone in Mrs. Donnelly’s classes made and presented our own Ted like Talks. After watching a few different talks to get ideas, we set out to create our own. 

My Ted like Talk was about how to take care of rabbits. First, I wrote a script to follow along while doing my talk. One friend of mine just made slides and came up with her script while she talked, so the process of making your talk is different for everyone. Making slides for me was the hardest part because you have to captivate your audience without boring them. Less words and more pictures will help. When all of the typing was done, all I had to do was practice, practice, practice.

I also brought my own rabbit in to show him to the class. 

I have always enjoyed acting, so stage fright wasn’t a problem for me while presenting. All I had to do was present my talk which was easy because it was practically tattooed in my brain. 

Overall, I had a really fun time presenting! I hope everyone who listened to my presentation learned something new. What is one topic you would like to present about?

My Book

My Book 

This year, sixth grade Language Arts class read The Last Cuentista together. The Last Cuentista is about a girl named Petra who moves to another planet called Sagan, but all the people who traveled on the ship’s memories were wiped except for Petra. In the book, Petra talks to her grandma about storytelling and the importance of passing on stories. In class, we also told stories and learned about the importance of them too! Keeping stories is important because we need to learn lessons from stories, and learn about the past.

In Language Arts we also made stories about what we thought our Ideal World would be and look like. After we wrote our stories, we drew our planet. Here is a picture of what my planet looks like:

In my Ideal World, there is a lot of crazy wildlife like blobfish, chicken nuggets, and elephants. 


After our Language Arts class wrote our stories and our Ideal Worlds, we put it all together in a book. With artist Peg Gignoux, we printed leaves on paper with Akua ink. When we finished printing with as many colors as we could, we collaged the printed paper into a secret book based on our Ideal Worlds. Here is my collage:

The pink paper on the sides of the collage is a story about my great grandmother. We put our Ideal stories and our own stories into a book! 

In conclusion, I had a really fun time writing, and making art! 

Theater Trimester 2 

Theater Trimester 2 

One of my favorite classes is theater with Ms. Brown! I have always loved acting and making scripts so I knew I would like this fine art. In the beginning of the trimester, the class worked on improv/acting skills and fun games. When the trimester sadly nears the end of duration, we work on our own scene with a group of 3-5 people who have the same interests as us. In this scene, we do act, but we also write scripts, use props, and help other groups with lights and sound cues. I am not ready to leave theater class, and hope to be in it next year! 

My Ideal Planet

My Planet

By Siona M.

Pronounced meb-nis

“Welcome to Mebns! The best planet to tour with a beautiful environment and rolling hills,” exclaims the tour guide. 

I take a deep breath of the cool air. Looking far I see floating water in the air, streaming down to the ground like a…waterfall?

“What’s that?” I ask. 

The tour guide smiles and responds, “Those are the floating waters of Mebns what we are famous for! As you can see, the water flows down and creates pools of water in the marshland where the blobfish live.” 

I squint and find pink blobs sitting in the clear ponds. The guide claps her hands. “Since you are already interested, let us go and examine the wildlife here,” she says.

She leads me to the large Jeep and I hop in. 

“Are we here?” I ask.

It has been a bumpy ride through the dirt roads. Instead of answering, she points to the grasslands. I look over and see an elephant  munching on slimy green seaweed. 

“The elephants are eating Xangwasa, an invasive plant species.” My guide informs me. “Onwards, to the forest we go!”

She stomps on the gas pedal and we zoom forward, my body lurching forwards as we gain speed. I keep my eyes closed for the next five minutes, my breakfast threatening to come up. The Jeep comes to a halt and I peek open my eyes. The guide is staring ahead with wide eyes. I slowly lift my head to see a large Chicken Nugget facing us. My guide turns her head at me and presses her fingers to her lips while slowly backing up the car.

“What was that?” I whisper.

The guide waits until we’ve backed up enough so that the chicken nugget creature could not see us.“That is the king of the jungle: the Chicken Nugget,” she finally responds.

I sit and ponder for the rest of the car ride back to camp.

The Jeep comes to a stop, jolting me awake. I yawn and rub my eyes. How long have I been sleeping?  My guide hops out of the Jeep and beckons me to follow her, she seems to have recovered from the shock of seeing the wild Chicken Nugget. Looking around, I see large tents with crops that could go on for miles flowing behind them. My guide grins and says, “This is where the people of Mebns live, the human population is small so that’s why everyone here lives a simple life.”

I gaze in wonder at these content people smiling and talking to each other while doing their jobs. She leads me to the biggest tent of them all, and zips open the flap. Peeking inside I see a large table that could fit one hundred people. My guide glances over at me seeing my questioning look. “Here is where we hold all of our important meetings about our planet. Since there are few people living here, we have a direct democracy and it works well for our society,” she informs me.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and whip around to see who it is. A tall white robot with a digital face speaks,“Hello, traveler. Time to come home.”

I smile, remembering the robot from my planet. The robot hands me a jetpack and we fly into space, back to Earth.


Museum of Natural Sciences Field Trip

(This image is the RACE exhibit) Image by: DA teacher

On Friday January 26, my grade and I left school and jumped on a bus to go on a field trip! We went to the Museum of Natural Sciences. On this trip we saw many exhibits and wrote on our reflection sheets. My favorite exhibit was the RACE exhibit. 

At the RACE exhibit we learned about how race is not actually a thing and humans just created it to have more power. This exhibit also connects with a Social Studies unit we learned earlier in the year. The unit was about The Journey of Man, and it included how the color of people’s skin is determined with how much melanin people have.  I really enjoyed being at this exhibit/field trip because it brought a lot of perspective into my thinking.


Window or Mirror?

Is your book a window or mirror? I am currently reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. This  book is definitely a window story because of the luxurious palaces, enchanted looking forests, and monsters, great aspects of a fantasy book.  Even the side characters are nothing like me! I often like choosing window books for the excitement of battling monsters and different settings. Although, sometimes it is  fun to read about someone like me in a fantasy book. I like to think about the differences and similarities I have with a book character, and I think you should too! 

How to Make French Crepes

Making French crepes is one of my favorite breakfast foods to make! Crepes can be eaten savory or sweet which is very convenient if you have leftover batter to have for lunch . At first I thought French crepes counted as baking because I eat it with chocolate, but it is actually cooking. The word crepes  traces back to the Latin word ‘crispa’ or ‘crispus’ which means curled, and refers to their often slightly ruffled edges.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2  teaspoon of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/4 cup of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of butter


Mix 1 cup of flour with a pinch of salt in a bowl. In a separate bowl, add two eggs, 1 ¼ cup of milk, and two tablespoons of melted butter. Next, add the wet mixture to the dry mixture one fourth portion at a time. You want the ingredients to feel slightly thicker than water as you mix them. If you feel any lumps in the batter you can put it through a sieve. Or, if your batter feels too thick add ¼ of milk at a time till you reach the right consistency. Now you are ready to cook the crepes!  Add ¼  cup of your batter into a buttered pan and leave it to cook until the bottom is golden brown, then flip and repeat. Finally! It is time to eat your crepes, add any desired toppings munch down on your new favorite food! 

Tongue Meat Stop Motion

This week I presented a stop motion movie I made. Some people don’t know what a stop motion movie is. A stop motion movie is when you put many pictures together to make an object move. Believe it or not, the movie Nightmare Before Christmas  was made all with stop motion! I based my stop motion off of a story called Tongue Meat  you can watch it here. I used Playdough to make all the people and props! I hope you enjoy watching it!